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Our Geek Squad Agents are on a mission to set up, protect, support and repair your computers, home theatre, cell phones and more. We'll come to your rescue in-store, in-home or online.

Saving the day,
month by month.


Get a bundle of setup services, 24/7 support, software and more for one low monthly payment. Enjoy total convenience with our membership plan for computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

So many perks, one low monthly payment.


We’ll setup and personalize
your new device so you can
enjoy it right away.

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Help is here!

How do i add a
protection plan?

Choose a plan as you check out in-store or online.

How do i register
a plan, file a claim or check claim status?

Visit Geek Squad Protection online.


Geek Squad Protection goes above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.

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Get the answer you need,
day or night, with 24/7 Ask an
Agent and Support+ services.

How healthy is your computer?

Find out, stat. Get a FREE computer health check in-store or get started now.

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Need some help with support?
Help is here!

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We fix technology fails fast so you get your device back ASAP.

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